Tuesday, 18 May 2010

He loves me/ He loves me not

This is just a delicate portrait i've done, based on Jamie Scott. It wasnt particularly of him for any reason, other than i saw him in a magazine and thought his face was rather beautiful. There was an article as well that just talked about how much of a heart throb he was. It was almost saying that this guy here could get anyone and anywhere with his looks. So i thought about it from the other side, I was listening to Jay Brannan, one of my biggest influences, and heard the line "Sometimes he loves me, sometimes he loves me not" which kind of fits, its almost from another persons perspective who is desperate to be loved by someone beautiful. Anyway, i really had fun making this image, its obviously a hand drawn portrait in pencil, and is then photoshopped on to vintage paper. I then edited in all the marks and scratches, by scanning different marks i have made with different media into the image. I think all together it works quite well and i am happy with the end result.

Rakes Progress continued

The final two pieces of my Rakes progress. These two are probably two of the stronger ones, one is the 5th piece in the sequence showing a thug waiting next to a car as a get away driver ready to speed off when the other two return, which they do not. In fact his fate can be seen, with the outline of the old man in the top corner getting ready to pull the trigger. The final image, the 6th in the series is rather more chaotic than any of the others, full of marks and splats of paint and ink, to show the violence that has occurred. I particularly like the burn marks through the paper.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Rakes Progress

NOTE: View this series from the bottom image upwards.

Here are numerous pieces im working on at the moment, that tell the story of a group of youths in hoodies trying to break in to an old weak mans house, to take advantage of his vulnerable state, but it turns out hes actually a lot less vulnerable than he looks when he turns a shotgun on them. The pieces mainly concentrate on symbolism, there are numerous references to the Korean war to determine the fact this old man is actually a war veteran. As well as this, numerous images of wilted flowers and skulls etc can also be found in a few of the works. I could go into massive detail on each piece, but i think it may just be better to let them speak for themselves. There are two others that i am currently finishing off that i will post within the next couple of days.