Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Flowers and Skulls

These two images are possibly my favourite work i have done since going to Uni. They are just simple line drawings based on positive and negative body image done in Pilot pen as ideas for etchings. While i did not carry them through to the final etching process, i do think the drawn versions themselves are very successful and strong in what they attempt to convey.

The first image is obviously positive body image, using flowers to try and illustrate this woman is comfortable and happy in herself and is flourishing. I particularly like the pose in this drawing, as you can quite easily see the curves of the womans body, and can see a distinct contrast against the long flowing hair etc.

The second image i also feel is successful however the pose is maybe not as clear as the first. Her arms are raised contorted over her head, and her hair flops in front of her hair, showing a more guarded, self concious pose compared to the previous image. Instead of flowers this time the woman is made up of skulls, chains, guns, grenades etc. Many different little details each with bad connotations can be seen upon her body to illustrate ideas of negativity, and self destruction.


These are the two etchings i produced for my last Reprographics project. They are both based on the idea of aging, and the positives and negatives of the process.
The first image worked out much better than the second. The first one has less fine lines which were eaten away less in the acid bath so the final print turned out much better and tidier. I was quite suprised how well the dark areas did come out as i was told that i had such a large block of dark area, that it might just turn out grey, but it actually turned out very dark. I think this image is quite successful.
The second image on the other hand did not come out as well. It had much finer lines in the facial features due to it being smaller and more detailed, and when left in the acid bath, the lines all merged together and resulted in much less detail than was previously etched in. While it was not as successful as the first, i still feel it looks okay and was worthy of uploading.