Monday, 29 March 2010


My laptop has broken. Gone. Kaput. Hence the lack of updates on here. I am currently sat in the library, it is easter, and Manchester is dead. BAAAAAAAH. My room is boring, as i have nothing to do, and no way of using photoshop. :( Im stuck with just plain old fashioned drawing and painting, which is good for a while i guess. PAH. Im going to eat my way through the boredom.... if money permits.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Another Illustration based on the idea of being afraid of blushing. The concept is exactly the same as the illustration before, however, within the veins this time are little claw shapes that try and build connotations of fear, and extend the idea of this image being about phobias. I also played around with the composition of this one a bit more, working across the page rather than just vertically as it provides a sense of movement in the image which i think works better.


An Illustration based on the idea of having a phobia of blushing for a uni project. I basically just used it as an excuse to draw beautiful women. The veins that link up her cheeks to her heart are supposed to present the idea that blushing is a very natural reflex, and the lock over the heart implies by being afraid of this, and trying to stop it, you are attempting to prevent a vey natural thing which occurs without our control.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


This is my second animation named "Technology". The brief was to ceate a 40 second animation based on a number of given words or phrases of which you chose three to concentrate on. The three i chose were Technology, Jack in a Box, and Fish, and around these words i created a narrative based on the idea of a man who lives his lfe through the tv screen, instead of experiencing the world for himself. He is in a sense a Jack in a Box, and the animation culminates by making this man part of the tv, the technology that imprisons him.

I think this animation was quite successful. While it is a little messier than i would have hoped, it is good for the amount of time i had on the project. It consists of approximately 450 hand drawings/paintings. I really enjoyed the project although it did become incredibly time consuming but i think the result was worth it.

First animation">

The brief was to make an animation starting with a circle and ending with a circle. This is what i came up with based on the theme of smoking.