Wednesday, 3 March 2010


This is my second animation named "Technology". The brief was to ceate a 40 second animation based on a number of given words or phrases of which you chose three to concentrate on. The three i chose were Technology, Jack in a Box, and Fish, and around these words i created a narrative based on the idea of a man who lives his lfe through the tv screen, instead of experiencing the world for himself. He is in a sense a Jack in a Box, and the animation culminates by making this man part of the tv, the technology that imprisons him.

I think this animation was quite successful. While it is a little messier than i would have hoped, it is good for the amount of time i had on the project. It consists of approximately 450 hand drawings/paintings. I really enjoyed the project although it did become incredibly time consuming but i think the result was worth it.

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