Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Print ideas

I've been working on a printmaking project lately, which will hopefully result in two final etchings based on the theme of Positive and negative. These are just two sketched ideas based on the theme which i particularly like. One shows a more self confident positive attitude towards body image in the fashion industry, while the other shows the exact opposite. However, when really thinking about it, both could be deemed as a negative way of thinking. Over confident or lacking in confidence. While they are exact opposites, which one is positive and negative?

The first images uses more feminine colours to really develop the idea of confident femininity. The flowers, and colouring of the lips really help to pick this out.

Meanwhile, the second images juxtoposes the feminine pink
pallette, with a putrid bile green. This vivid colour is
very different to the softer pinks in the first image and matches the vivid subject matter well.

Both drawings are done in Pilot pen, and then edited using photoshop. They are just developments of ideas so far.

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